the ultimate in inedible foods: the dodie thayer x tory burch lettuce collab

I am a multi-faceted person with many tastes in many different genres. But to pretend that I am not preppy, well, that would just be a big fat lie.

What is more preppy than bowls, plates, and cups shaped like lettuce and cabbage? It is the equivalent of a grown-up tea party. The Dodie Thayer X Tory Burch lettuce collection makes the dining experience fun and whimsical. Better yet, when you’re not eating off of them, they make for perfect additions to any kitchen/dining display. I have been collecting these lettuce pieces over the years and never grow tired of them. From house to house, they always fit right in.

dodie thayer

Dodie Thayer started in Palm Beach in the 60s and I am so glad to see the legacy kept alive by mod gal pal Tory Burch. Now if one of your originals breaks finding a replacement is easy as pie. Quick thought: they should make a lettuce leaf pie dish. It’s essentially having vegetables with your dessert. #healthy

Shop the collection here.

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