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bugging out: new works by lulie wallace

I love floral paintings, which is why I have always been a fan of the artist Lulie Wallace. Her pieces are bright and airy with a contemporary vibe (florals aren’t always the most modern subjects, as we know). Yesterday I was on her website checking out her work and saw that she has created a

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laminated totes: perfect for messes

I have three young daughters and although they might not be little boys, they are still capable of making quite the mess. Sand from the beach, cupcake frosting, etc, etc. It all ends up in places it shouldn’t be. Combine this with lunches on the go, grabbing fabric samples at the Design Center, and the

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elephant fever: there’s no cure

We have been organizing here at the office, and amongst the hundreds (thousands?) of wallpaper and fabric samples I began to notice a trend: I am a bit obsessed with animals. Animal rugs, wall coverings, and furniture seem to be everywhere. My favorite animal is Jack, our Labradoodle. But since he can’t be incorporated into

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