party time: bright flowers, mexican blankets & tequila

I am all about Mexico. Hawaii or Mexico? Mexico. BBQ or Cantina? Cantina. Tequila or Vodka? You see where I’m going with this…

Knowing my love for Mexico, parties, and all things bright and fun, a client asked if I might lend a hand in helping her put together a tequila tasting fundraiser. I can never turn down an opportunity to arrange flowers, unfold tissue paper garlands and bring out my hot pink Mexi blankets.

I bought up all the El Pato cans at the local market and scoured to find some Mary candles. The flower market was a little used and abused by the time I arrived on Saturday morning, but I lucked into some great cornflowers and chrysanthemums, which made the arrangements fun and easy. What wasn’t easy? Opening all those cans!

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