laminated totes: perfect for messes

I have three young daughters and although they might not be little boys, they are still capable of making quite the mess. Sand from the beach, cupcake frosting, etc, etc. It all ends up in places it shouldn’t be. Combine this with lunches on the go, grabbing fabric samples at the Design Center, and the constant need to have a tape measurer on me at all times. Needless to say, I don’t always want to be carrying a nice leather bag.

marni bag

The Marni tote I purchased a while back has proved to be the perfect errand bag. A touch classier than a $.99 cent plastic Whole Foods bag, this one is made of a laminated textile from artist Tavy-Sacley. The best part is that I can wash it out in the sink. I am seeing more and more laminated fabrics. I even use a laminator for high-traffic areas in my designs; just the other week I had the mud room bench cushion laminated for one of my clients. A clean home is a happy home.