art crush: sally king benedict

Boring walls are boring. I’m a fan of hanging mirrors, but eventually you need some art to fill the empty spaces. On vacation I met one of the owner’s at Hidell Brooks, a gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. I follow the gallery on social media and love seeing the work they exhibit. Right now they are showing Sally Benedict King‘s work.

Emerald Face, 2015

Emerald Face, 2015

I have an art crush on this young artist. She’s fun, blonde and talented. Her work is feminine and light, perfect for a California home. I’m not the only one who has noticed King’s work; her show was nearly sold out before it even opened–one of her big bold faces would have worked so well on a project I’m currently working on. Bummer!

The artist's work in Lonny Magazine

The artist’s work in Lonny Magazine


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